Liver Detoxifier

Dr. Verghese's Liver Formula is a proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients designed to support

 healthy liver function. Dr. Verghese's Liver Formula contains Milk Thistle Extract, which studies 

suggest may help support the liver. In addition, Dr. Verghese's Liver Formula contains N-Acetyl

 Cysteine and Methionine, two amino acids known to enhance the production of glutathione in the 

liver. Glutathione, a major cellular antioxidant plays an essential role in liver detoxification mechanisms.

Also included in this Liver Formula are other herbs (Schisandra, Bupleurum, and Scute) that have been developed 

by Dr. C. Samuel Verghese, M.D. and until now has been used exclusively in this practice. Dr. Verghese recommends

 this formula for frequent travellers who want to support their liver health while travelling abroad.