Amino Acid BCAAS


USPLabs Amino Lift is an amino acid powder that supports clean energy and focus. This blend contains no calories, carbs, or sugars! Amino Lift was designed to help give you impressive lifts and huge gains. This formula contains essential amino acids, b vitamins, and caffeine so that your athletic performance will improve and you can prevent fatigue from affecting your workout. The essential amino acids offered in this blend will help boost your immune system, improve the nervous system functioning, and increase lean muscle mass. They are important for building healthy tissues, maintaining good overall health, and stopping fat from becoming stored in your body. The B vitamins are used to help with the growth of healthy cells, promote healthy skin and hair, and prevent memory loss. They contain antioxidant properties and help improve the strength and health of your immune system. Caffeine will help increase your energy levels while preventing the effects of fatigue. It also helps increase your memory, detoxify your liver, relieve your body of pain in your muscles, and increase the growth of healthy hair. Ditch the coffee and energy drinks and start obtaining some real energy that will get you to your goals. Amino Lift will give you long lasting energy all day long without making you crash


•Contains essential amino acids
•Supplies clean energy & focus
•Non GMO
•Gluten free
•No calories, carbs, or sugar!
•Reduces fatigue
•Improves performance
•Boosts immune system functioning

DIRECTIONS Mix 1-3 Scoops with 10-20 ounces of water. Do not exceed 3 scoops per day.